Edutech Reflection week 14 : Finale


This would be my final post since it is the final week of the semester..

This week’s agenda was…*drum rolls* EDUTECHNOVATION DAY !

The purpose of the event was to showcase every groups’s work and to be graded by our own Dr. Rosseni as the lecturer of this course and Dr. Maslawati as the Tesl coordinator.


Unfortunately only the 3 of us (Izzat, Fiqa, Shahkirah) were present for our presentation since Joanna is on christmas leave and Nurfatehah has a family event to attend. Izzat & Wives (IWF) have presented our final product of our short film..enjoy 🙂

The event went well and everyone had a great day !

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That is all from me, thank you for being patient and reading my post since week 1.

Assalamualaikum, till i write again..toodles ~ 😀


Edutech Reflection : Week 13


Hi guys ! Since there was a public holiday on thursday (11 december 2014) we asked for Dr. Rosseni’s consideration not to have any classes so that we can have our holiday from thursday till sunday. hihihi..due to her kindness it was approved..BUT she has posted an announcement in Facebook that every group must submit their final product. Moreover, after receiving comments from Dr. and our other classmates, we did some improvement from our draft video. ENJOY !

Edutech Reflection : Week 11

“Technology… is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” – Carrie Snow

How are you doing guys? it has been 11 week since my first reflection. In this week edition we did have class so we used the opportunity to start filming for the REAL video. I cant say much though, it would be a spoiler right? till then..bye bye bye bye bye 🙂


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Edutech Reflection : Week 10

10 10 that your lucky number?

Hey guys ! its been a week as promised. And…yes the teaser is out. Okay, basically today each group presented their teaser/a tiny part of their videos. Enjoy !

I got goosebumps watching it myself. If you dont then try to watch it at night..ALONE ! just kidding.

Dr. Rosseni commented on our video and she said the sound effects and usage of the “moon” was good. Do wait for the real “short movie” to be release. I guarantee it would be SPOOKY ! I mean AWESOME 😛


Edutech Reflection : Week 8


Week 8 ? Wow we are half way to the end of the semester already. Today we did a short presentation, more like to show on our progress of the video making process. We were given a mahjong paper and marker pens to draw a simple sketch of our work and present it in class. So this is what my group (Izzat & Wives) have done.


Oh did i mention that we were given Nasi Lemak during class? I am not a breakfast person but the food was delicious..well, an empty tummy would never say no right? hahaha. So basically we are done with the story board and looking forward to film it.

Till then, adios amigos 🙂